Spanish teacher

Job description:
1. Teaching, giving Spanish language lessons;
2. Translating, interpreting, editing translated Spanish drafts;
3. Dubbing and recording for Spanish language tutorial materials;
4. Lingual/cultural communication activities, including discussing collaboration with educational institutions in your country about Spanish language education; searching and providing Spanish course information in your country for Chinese students; helping to connect Chinese students and the educational institutions in your country; planning and organizing short term study in your country, like summer camp/winter camp; consulting with students in your country about study in China, like introducing our language courses to people in your country, course information circulating/explaining, etc.
Remark: applicants can choose as many tasks above as desire.
1. Must be Spanish Native speaker;
2. Good user of English or Chinese or other languages as second language;
3. Degree holder (degree gained in a nationally recognized university, Major of Linguistics, Education preferred, other majors are also accepted);
4. Lingual or Educational work experience preferred;
5. Work/study experience in China preferred.
Work time & work place:
Full time or Part time, in Guangzhou China
Pay and conditions:
As per the tasks and negotiation. If work outside of China, we will pay online.
If you are employed, we can help to apply Chinese visa and help to arrange accommodation in China as request.
If you are interested, please send your application to:
For more information or inquires ,please call 020-66680093
Employer: 广州汤尼教育科技有限公司
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