Native English Teacher

D-Share Education is currently looking for some qualified teachers to deliver Global Thinking Ability Program(GTAP) in her partner schools in Beijing. D-Share Education is the official distributor of GTAP which is designed and written by Celena, one of the founder of D-Share Education and Jo Lally, the educational expert of global vision and the expert of University of Cambridge International Examinations, with the aim to hone the practical skills of high school students in China, such as global vision and critical thinking, presentation and communication skills in English and enterprise skills etc.

1. Native English speakers.
2. A four-year bachelor’s degree or a master degree from an accredited college or university (overseas students in China’s top universities are also qualified)
3. Good command of global vision and critical thinking skills, enterprise skills (teamwork and leadership) and communication skills.4. Flexible time, available to work flexibly during the week days 5. Initial training and orientation is required before teaching.

Job Description: The teachers are expected:
1. To teach GTAP (Global Thinking Ability Program) which is to be conducted in top high schools in Beijing.
2. To cooperate and coordinate with D-Share Education and the schools in assessment and moderation process of the course.

The honorarium is about 150-300RMB per hour.

To Apply:
Please send your resume to:;

Employer:D-Share Education

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